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Internet Bingo is one of those sites that have done really well to land the name that it has got. The URL couldn’t possibly be easier to remember. However, that is pretty much where the compliments run thin for this online bingo site. Internet Bingo is a North American online bingo domain, but it is incredibly basic, and uses a really poor layout. This domain is available in English and with the US Dollar as the currency of choice.

Software and Security

Internet Bingo is very secretive of the software it uses, namely for one reason. They are a free bingo domain. They do offer real money prizes (though, few of them) but don’t offer much more information than that about their set-up. Since they are a free site, you needn’t worry about having your personal information stolen. You never need to pay a penny to play at internet bingo.

Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

There are no deposit methods available at Internet Bingo, because this is a free bingo domain. All players can simply sign up and play for free. You can win real money prizes, but never need to deposit a penny. This makes it a welcome change from other online bingo sites, if you don’t mind playing for sport that is!

Customer Support and Services

Customer support is flimsy at best. Since you don’t really have any need to contact customer support, you could say that they are as good as is required. However, even a free site like this should have a somewhat better setup for their customer service line, just in case people don’t understand the rules, because to be fair, it isn’t that clear!

Available Games

Well, there are plenty of free bingo games here. In fact, they are all free bingo games. However, as nice as it is to not have to wager real money to play bingo, a number of problems occur here. Because this is a free bingo domain, there are only 4 or 5 main prizes per month, and only one of them is worth $500. So, there isn’t really a whole to win, aside from pride.

This means that Internet Bingo isn’t really competitive with other sites, and it doesn’t really have a good selection of games, aside from their freebies. Players won’t find any additional side games here, and there are certainly no promotions on those games.


If you love free bingo, and you don’t really care about not winning money, then Internet Bingo is certainly for you. However, most of us want to be able to lots of cash, so we don’t mind spending a bit. There is no spending here, there are seldom any prizes, so unless you really love bingo that much that you’re willing to play for free and win next to nothing, there isn’t really a point playing here, unfortunately.

Play Internet Bingo for Free